IN QUARANTINE: Kensie, 6, and Kristey Pinney came in contact with the health worker who tested positive for coronavirus.
IN QUARANTINE: Kensie, 6, and Kristey Pinney came in contact with the health worker who tested positive for coronavirus.

Bundy mum’s fear after brush with coronavirus

A BUNDABERG mother has expressed her concern after she and her daughter came into contact with the Oral Health Service worker who is now Bundaberg's first Covid-19 case.

Mother-of-three Kristey Pinney, 29, and her daughter Kensie, 6, were in the same operating theatre as the 48-year-old last week.

Now Kristey and Kensie are quarantining themselves at home.

"I got a call yesterday (Saturday) from a lady who works at the hospital who said because Queensland Health were very busy they were helping make calls on their behalf to those who have been exposed," she said.

"She told me that one of the nurses in the theatre with Kensie had coronavirus.

"We were all in gowns, masks and gloves and the usual hospital gear in the theatre, so the chances of us contracting it are slim because the lady who has it was in gowns and stuff as well.

"But obviously we were in the same room as her and were around her so we've been put into quarantine."

Kristey said she thought quarantine began from 14 days after they were told about their contact with the nurse.

"I'm a bit confused because I'm told it's 14 days from Monday just gone (when the surgery was), so today (Sunday) will already be day six, I figured it would be from when we were told about it. but it's not," she said.

"I also had people visit while we were at the hospital and I asked if I needed to contact them and warn them as well, she said 'No, not at all they're not even at risk' - it's just whoever was around the nurse at the time."

Kristey said she was also told her other daughter and her son were not at risk and were still able to go to school and daycare.

"It's hard for me to wrap my head around because if I've been exposed and my daughter's been exposed to it and we've been around other people, then I assumed that they would then need to be in quarantine as well," she said.

"There's just a few things that don't make sense.

"For something so contagious I don't know why they wouldn't be contacting everybody we've been in contact with."

She said she was concerned for her son who has issues with his immune system.

"I do what I can for my children and I was taking care of her oral health by getting her this surgery and putting all my trust into the hospital, who you think would be following the proper health and safety procedures, especially at a time when there's a pandemic," she said.

"For them to allow a staff member back at work after an overseas holiday, where is their common sense?

"It scares me because I'm tyring to do what's right for my child and they're not upholding their end of it."

Kristey tried calling the Bundaberg Fever Clinic set up at the Bundaberg Hospital, but couldn't get through because they didn't open until 11am (Sunday).

"I called the fever clinic because I'm a single parent and I work, so I rely on my job and I thought to myself maybe if we can get the blood test done we could find out if we've got it or not and see if the quarantine is still needed," she said.

"I tried calling them all morning and couldn't get through so I rang the hospital and they told me the fever clinic doesn't open until after 11am.

"So I had questions, which I have a lot of, we can't get answers until we ring after 11, which is a long time really to be waiting … it's been a bit stressful and difficult to say the least."

Queensland Health were contacted for comment but did not reply by deadline.