Ipswich Courthouse exterior file photo.
Ipswich Courthouse exterior file photo. Rob Williams

Burglar steals $30,000 of jewellery from boyfriend's mum

A BURGLAR who nicked $30,000 worth of jewellery from her boyfriend's mum will spend longer in jail after she reoffended and burgled two homes.

An Ipswich court heard that Lillian Dawn Jarvis broke into a house and stole $2000 cash, the money apparently saved for a woman's much-needed holiday.

In a second burglary the 21-year old mum stole jewellery and household items - with $3000 worth still missing.

She also damaged a safe with a grinder when she tried to break into it.

Jarvis, who appeared in the dock, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to entering a dwelling and stealing on June 11 at Loganholme; entering a dwelling and stealing on June 28 at Brookwater; wilful damage to a safe; trespass; and possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils on June 30.

Police prosecutor Michael Lee sought a jail term to be added to the now activated existing sentence.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said it was "a sad situation" with Jarvis having received a suspended sentence in March and a two-year probation order.

Released in May, the former Cairns woman reoffended almost immediately with Jarvis taken back into custody on June 30.

Mr Fairclough conceded that a jail term of 15 to 18 months was open to the court.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Jarvis was sentenced in October to a suspended sentence and to a probation order.

Police facts were limited but Ms Sturgess said the first offence occurred at a Loganholme house where jewellery, car keys and other items were taken. Significantly, property valued at $3028 was still outstanding.

In the Brookwater burglary, Ms Sturgess said Jarvis damaged a safe when she used a hand-held grinder to try and to open it. She stole a money box, shoes, a bike and other items.

Jarvis was then seen trespassing at the nearby Brookwater Golf Club.

Ms Sturgess noted Jarvis had been sentenced by a Brisbane court in October to 12 months' jail with parole after serving 50 days, and a two-year probation order for offences including burglary and unlawful use of cars.

In the two weeks after release she was charged with 10 frauds, three stealing and forgery offences that involved the use of a stolen credit card.

"You pawned jewellery stolen from the mother of your then boyfriend valued at $30,000," she said.

"You were released to parole on October 15 then did a series of offences."

After taking all matters into account, Ms Sturgess imposed an 18-month jail term to begin on August 26 - the finish of the existing sentence - and included the nine-month term previously suspended. Jarvis was given a parole eligibility date of December 15.