MOVING FORWARD: Mangaing director David Martin will speak on the challenges of small businesses at Small Business Week.
MOVING FORWARD: Mangaing director David Martin will speak on the challenges of small businesses at Small Business Week. Elyse Wurm

Business booms in five years, now director set to share tips

FIVE years ago Southwest Wholesalers had a small client base and product distribution list. Now through innovation the business has grown into more.

When David Martin joined the group in 2013 the food and drink sellers had a short list of clients, servicing mainly school canteens.

With his marketing strategies the company now provide services to a number of small businesses in the area.

"When I began about 85 per cent of our business went to school canteens and now easily 50 per cent of our business go to cafes and restaurants in the area," Mr Martin said.

Embracing online domains has been a driving force for the business.

"We're always trying to innovate the latest products and make things better," Mr Martin said.

"A pretty special point for the business is with online servicing, having access to our own websites and social media,

"We can compete with larger companies that have bigger budgets for outside marketing," the managing director said.

Now partnering with Buyer Pack the company can offer exclusive products.

"There are only four sellers in Queensland for Buyer Pack and we are one of them, that's been a significant boost to our business," Mr Martin said.

Launching into Small Business Week, the managing director will be speaking at a celebration event Wednesday night.

Mr Martin will be focusing on the challenges of running a small business such as competing with larger companies.

For other small business owners, Mr Martin will also discuss the importance of mindfulness for business operators.

"Being a leader in a small business, mindset is very important. I believe you need to look after yourself first and have your mind and body working at full capacity," he said.

Members of the community will have the opportunity to network and brainstorm ways to attract more business to Warwick.

Southern Downs mayor Tracy Dobie said there were a lot of small businesses in the area who can learn from one another.

"The region as a whole has an enormous number of small businesses and this week is about recognising their contributions," she said.

Focusing on providing businesses with opportunities mayor Dobie said council would be working on giving small businesses the tools they needed to grow.

"Being a small business owner, you're busy doing everything for your job and don't have time to look for further opportunities, that's where council comes in," she said.

"We can connect owners to information on grants and other government services."

Rolling out the new Invest Southern Downs campaign this week will encourage current businesses to expand and attract new businesses to the area.