Business Chamber: Mayors need to "step beyond self-interest"

MAYORS and councillors need to "step beyond self-interest" in the debate over amalgamations, says the regional manager of the NSW Business Chamber.

John Murray said it was time for elected representatives to show leadership and resolve the issues highlighted in IPART's Fit for the Future report.

"Local councillors, by their election to office, are deemed to be local leaders and nothing can be more important than ensuring that each local council has the capability to manage the needs of local communities into the future," he said.

"Forced amalgamations are not ideal but with three out seven councils deemed incapable of managing their services and infrastructure in a sustainable manner, local councils must look to amalgamation.

"The word 'leadership' springs to mind with some councils accepting findings and acting on them rather than forcing the hand of NSW Government.

"Strong efficient local councils are vital to the efficiency of local business in local areas.

"To be a competitive region, the local councils on the Northern Rivers need good governance at every level."

Mr Murray urged local councils to take a "positive approach" with neighbouring councils.