CHEERS TO THE CAUSE: The Stone and Wood team are one of nearly 2,000 businesses supporting tomorrow's climate change rally.
CHEERS TO THE CAUSE: The Stone and Wood team are one of nearly 2,000 businesses supporting tomorrow's climate change rally. Marc Stapelberg

Businesses opt to close in support of global climate strike

WHETHER your business supports or opposes tomorrow's Global Climate Strike, it will not be business as usual for many Northern Rivers' organisations.

Some of the region's biggest business names including Stone and Wood and Flow Hive have decided to shut shop, to show their support for the cause.

"I want everyone to realise how interconnected we humans and animals are; we are all part of our ecosystems and environments," co-owner of Flow Hive Cedar Anderson explained.

"This Friday, we'll be standing up for the protection of the planet and our bees - a small but mighty insect whose survival we must work together, globally, to protect."

Byron Bay's Stone and Wood have also chosen to participate in the rally, organised by youth activists and school children.

In an email sent out by the company, it stated that Stone and Wood had joined the Australian business alliance, Not Business as Usual, which started up only two weeks ago.

The alliance, which initially had only 20 signatures, now includes nearly 2000 of the country's biggest businesses and organisations who are encouraging worker participation in the strike.

Other local businesses who have chosen to rally alongside Not Business as Usual include:

  • Muscle Balance Therapies - Byron Bay
  • Terra Commune
  • Boomerang Bags
  • Odette & Co
  • Hubway web design
  • KarryOn
  • Travel to Change the World
  • Two In the Sun

Plenty of other local businesses will be closing their doors for parts of the day including Byron Bay's Bella Rosa Ice Cream, Sparrow Coffee, In the Pink Gelato in Brunswick Heads and Byron, Green Pack, Patagonia, Miss Brown's Vintage, Zanzi Hairdressing, Tree of Life, The Rainbow Shop, Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay and more.

"Our reasoning for closing is very simple; businesses will not survive mass extinction," Delphi O'Heart from Ixtlan Jewellery said.

"We're bringing awareness in a simple disruption of daily routine."

Dr Elizabeth Bragg and Peter Cuming from Sustainable Futures Australia said they will be supporting the children responding to climate change.

"They are asking for our support as adults," they said.

"(They are asking us) to recognise the severity of the climate crisis and its ecological, social and economic impacts, acknowledge that we can't continue with 'business as usual' and to prepare for a climate disrupted future, building community resilience and deep adaptation.

"At Sustainable Futures we agree, and are closing the doors of our offices in solidarity with these far sighted and brave young leaders."