Two-year-olds Arc and Bodhi, with Micah, busking on the streets of Byron Bay.
Two-year-olds Arc and Bodhi, with Micah, busking on the streets of Byron Bay.

Busking babies: The Northern Rivers’ cutest rock stars

LOOK out, world: There are two tiny rock stars on the loose, and they're already making a name for themselves.

Two year olds Arc and Bodhi are half of the band PocketMoney, which also includes their dads Micah and Christo.

They've been busking on the streets of Byron Bay and even have official busking licences to perform in the Byron Shire.

On his website, dad Christo Warner explains that the "boy band" is a "bit of an experiment, bit of fun".

"Is it child labour if at two years old these boys start chipping in for their share of the rent?" he joked.

"I lived as a busker for a long time and it is a joy to now share it with my son Arc and his friend Bodhi, and his dad Micah who has busked before."

"As a father you want to share your passions with your child, there is also a lot less personal free time for creative endeavours, so we've been doing art and music together.

"At the time of writing we've tried busking together twice as a band.

"They say never to work with children or animals - but we don't feel that way so today (Monday, July 11) we went and got our official busking license for performing in the Byron Shire."

"More busking is envisioned and a Facebook page for fans of PocketMoney is now created.

"An idea to create genuine music by editing sounds made by the boys and releasing them with music videos and crowdfunding campaigns is foreseen.

Visit PocketMoney's Facebook page to keep up to date with their performances.