A man is seen throwing a parcel over the fence at a Highfields business.
A man is seen throwing a parcel over the fence at a Highfields business. Contributed

BUSTED: Delivery driver sacked for throwing package

A HIGHFIELDS business owner will be reimbursed for a smashed parcel after an Australia Post contractor threw it over a 2m fence, smashing the contents inside.

OzLocka Industries owner Jason Carter only discovered the dodgy delivery yesterday when he opened the package left dumped on the Highfields depot driveway which had been delivered last week.

Investigating the possible cause of the damage, Mr Carter reviewed CCTV footage at the business which recorded the delivery man toss the parcel over the 2m fence.

The worker then stares at the package before driving away.

Australia Post: An Australia Post delivery driver is seen throwing a package over a fence at a Highfields business.

Mr Carter raised the issue with Australia Post who told him to share details and footage of the incident, before filling out a parcel reimbursement form at his nearest post outlet.

He said while the claim had been accepted and the matter resolved, he went public with the footage he has since shared on social media to raise awareness.

"I am happy with the result," Mr Carter said.

He said Australia Post would reimburse him the value of the egg incubator, and he understood the delivery driver no longer worked for the postal service.

An Australia Post spokeswoman told The Chronicle the man's actions were "unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated".

"We're extremely disappointed in the actions of this driver and he was immediately dismissed," the spokeswoman said.

"We visited the customer this morning to apologise and provide compensation.

"Our people take great care in providing safe and timely mail delivery."

She said if customers had concerns about mail delivery they should contact Australia Post on 13 13 18 or through social media.

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