Byron Bay ALDI applies for liquor licence

ALDI Byron Bay has applied for a liquor licence which could see alcohol up to 50% cheaper than normal flood the coastal town.

Byron Shire Council, the town's Liquor Accord and the BUDDI Drug Action Team are fighting hard against the licence's approval, worried it will aggravate current problems with alcohol.

Councillor Duncan Dey has a notice of motion for Thursday's council meeting objecting to a licence being granted.

"If ALDI get a licence, we're worried it will set a precedent allowing supermarkets in Byron to sell alcohol," BUDDI's Nicqui Yazdi said.

"Byron already has way more licenses than the state average - 60% more than anywhere else. We regularly top the most violent list and we rank number one in DUI offences for the last 15 years.

"We really need the support from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to stop this going ahead." If the licence is granted, ALDI could provide wine about 50% cheaper and full strength beer 30% cheaper than the town's regular lowest price.