CONNECTED: Shadow Minster for Regional Communications Stephen Jones in Lismore with Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith to discuss the NBN.
CONNECTED: Shadow Minster for Regional Communications Stephen Jones in Lismore with Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith to discuss the NBN. Marc Stapelberg

NBN win with Lismore CBD to get fibre-to-the-curb

Update Wednesday 1.15pm: LISMORE Mayor Isaac Smith says he is "really excited" to hear that Page MP Kevin Hogan that fibre-to-the-curb NBN will be rolled out in the Lismore CBD.

"It is great to hear a positive response from both Kevin and NBN," Cr Smith said.

"I know a lot of communities are asking for fibre to the curb, so I am really glad Lismore will be one of the first."

"We're open to doing whatever is going to be best for our community, so I guess we are going to start those discussions about fibre to the curb and if there is some way we can work with NBN to perhaps even improve it to fibre to the premises we might be open to that as a council.

"What we wanted was the discussion with NBN, we wanted the communication to start so we could be proactive about making it happen quicker.

"I am very appreciative of Kevin Hogan and NBN for contacting us and getting that discussion happening."

"I am meeting with NBN this afternoon with senior staff at Council to talk about the proposal and I am hoping we can work with them to implement what they have done or even something better."

Wednesday 11.48am: FIBRE-to-the-curb technology will be rolled out in Lismore CBD and the industrial area to help flood-proof our city, it was announced today.

Page MP Kevin Hogan announced NBN Co has agreed to roll-out , and said: "Since the flood, I have been in talks with NBN Co about the best way to flood-proof Lismore into the future.

"NBN Co has agreed to use the new fast Fibre-to-the-Curb technology rather than the slower and less flood-resistant Fibre to the Node.

"This is a great outcome for businesses in Lismore and one which positions our city to take advantage of future opportunities.

"NBN Co has informed me the build will start early next year."


Wednesday 5.00am: THE Labor Party is calling on NBN Co to stop the delay and work constructively with the Lismore City Council on the CBD fibre roll-out.

For months council has sought vital information from NBN Co about its planned roll-out, however ironically there have been some communication issues.

Shadow Minister for Regional Communications Stephan Jones said he is working closely with Lismore City Council to send a strong message to the Commonwealth Government, the NBN Co and Telstra.

"We know the data consumption of businesses is doubling every two years so why not put something in the ground which is going to be fit for the future instead of putting something in the ground that is not even fit for the present," Mr Jones said.

"There are 10 councils around the country that have already stuck their hand up and said we want more than what the Government is offering and we are willing to put some money up to make that happen.

"It should send a clear message to the NBN Co and the Government that what is being rolled out is not good enough for regional towns."

Mayor Isaac Smith said their major infrastructure works are in limbo as they wait to hear back from the NBN Co and Telstra.

"I am really concerned about us moving forward, we have millions of dollars spent on upgrades around footpaths and I don't want to waste that money by pulling up old copper and putting new copper down," Cr Smith said.

"What we really want to do is make sure that we do things that are going to last and things that are going to work in Lismore.

"What I would like to see is us doing fibre to the premises, let's give our businesses the best opportunity moving forward."

Mr Jones said it would make the most sense to address this issue now as the council is predicted to spend $750,000 just to replace the existing copper.

"This is going to be the cheapest time possible to do this roll out, we know if we don't do it now at some stage over the next decade we are going to have to come back and do it again," he said.

Cr Smith said it would save the council thousands in the future if they do the upgrade now as they redo the CBD's footpaths.

"If it is something we can do while ripping up these footpaths to save some money we'd be silly not to do it."