Richard Gates, of Evans Head, at the pedestrian black spot in his town.
Richard Gates, of Evans Head, at the pedestrian black spot in his town. Susanna Freymark

Call for safety measures at Evans pedestrian crossing

“THIS is another place waiting for an accident to happen.”

Richard Gates pointed to the pedestrian crossing outside the Evans Head Post Office where a man in a mobility scooter, otherwise known as a gopher, was struck down by a car.

Dr Gates is an Evans Head resident who is concerned about the confusion and “visual load” drivers face when approaching the zebra crossing on the corner of Oak St and Woodburn St.

“There are lots of near misses here,” Dr Gates said.

“The problem is parking along the road. If a 4WD parks outside the post office, you can’t see a pedestrian walk out onto the crossing.

“It takes the driver time to process what is going on.”

Dr Gates has a PhD in neuroscience and experience in road research relating to human factors.

He said the crossing was moved from another corner to make crossing the road to the doctor’s clinic, on the other side, quicker.

“It is the quickest route but is it the safest?” he said.

Flashing lights to warn people of a crossing or returning the crossing to its original position could prevent further accidents like the one last month when a man on a mobility scooter was knocked down by a 4WD.

Richmond Valley Council general manager Vaughan Macdonald says the location meets Australian standards regarding sight distance, as well as being located within an existing 40kmh zone.

“Council staff will investigate to identify if there are any improvements which can be implemented.”