Campbell Newman in Noosa. FILE
Campbell Newman in Noosa. FILE john mccutcheon

Qld Premier Campbell Newman dismisses 'Abbott effect'

ABBOTT effect?  What Abbott effect?

Premier Campbell Newman has again shrugged off, by just not acknowledging it, concerns that voter dissatisfaction with the freshman Abbott government will impact his chances at a sophomore term.

Speaking at a press conference in Mareeba where the government announced its program to pay employers to take on school-based apprentices and keep them on for at least 18-months after they graduate, Mr Newman was again asked about what impact he thought the Abbott effect would have on his government.

He answered by listing his own government's achievements in what sounded like a rehearsed campaign speech and was careful not to mention the prime minister, the federal government, or compare the two administrations.

"Look, this government has always pushed forward in a strong and independent way," he said.

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