Help sought to find family heirloom.
Help sought to find family heirloom. Contributed

Can you help find family heirloom?

LOCAL businesswoman Suzi Mould is seeking assistance from the public to track down her family heirloom mantel clock.

The pre-World War II item holds significant sentimental value for Ms Mould and her family.

"It was my great grandmother's clock,” she said.

"Growing up on a remote farm in South Africa we'd hear it chime and that would be the signal for lunch. Night-time when it sounded, Grampa would turn on the radio for the BBC News.”

Ms Mould remembers the clock had pride of place in all the homes she has lived in since her childhood, from South Africa and England, to Australia when the family emigrated here in 1978.

"My grandfather had it on his mantel in Cornwall, where he married my grandma after the second world war.” she said, "When we came to Australia and he retired his pet hobby was woodworking, and making clocks. He never tinkered on this one though.”

"After he passed it just sat about. The winding key and the chimes had stopped working so I took it all over to get quotes,” she said.

Ms Mould left the clock with a reputable local repairer. However, some time later when she went to collect it the clock could not be found.

"I genuinely believe it may have been sold by mistake,” she said. "To a clock collector from Sydney who comes up here regularly to the markets and auctions.”

Ms Mould is appealing to the public for information. The clock is a dark brown timber, with carved mouldings and feet. It has a triangular top with a bold yellow-bronze clock face and dark hands. Repairs that it needed include an overhaul of two dial pins, repair bushes and case back. It also needes a winding key.

Please contact Ms Mould on 0438 237 633.