Can you see what’s wrong with this tattoo?

IT MAY seem like a Romeo and Juliet kind-of idea, but this couple might be regretting their matching tattoo decision after seeing its dodgy outcome.

The toe-curling ink was meant to be a romantic gesture based on a Disney cartoon - but turned out to be far from PG-rated.

In Beauty And The Beast, a cursed rose is kept inside a glass bell-jar and sits in the Beast's castle until Belle breaks the curse with true love and romance - and other Disney fairytale stuff.

While the girlfriend got the rose, her boyfriend got the bell-jar container.

The pair proudly showed off their new additions online, where people spotted it looked a little inappropriate.

Users thought that the bell-jar looked suspiciously like an object that we probably wouldn't see in the Disney world.

One user on Reddit said: "Really thought that was a condom for a second."

Another agreed: "The rose is OK. It's just your basic rose. The bell jar does look like a condom or a Taco Bell bell."

Unfortunately for the couple, the ink is permanently on their body - and online.

"Really thought that was a condom for a second." Reddit

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