Cancer Council welcomes removal of drug co-payments

RECENT news from the State Government that the removal of co-payments for Highly Specialised Drugs including chemotherapy will come into effect tomorrow have been welcomed by the Cancer Council NSW and the local community.

This new measure will provide relief to tens of thousands of patients across the state who will see the immediate benefits from the removal of the co-payment, Cancer Council NSW Community Programs Coordinator, Rowena Terone, said.

"The NSW Government should be applauded for removing the co-payment and easing the burden for patients who would otherwise be left out of pocket for these drugs," she said.

"We know the removal of these co-payments will ease some of the financial pressures that many cancer patients in the Northern Rivers face during their treatment."

Leading up to the last election, Cancer Council worked very closely with the Northern Star and the Lismore community through their Saving Life 2015 campaign to address this issue, Ms Terone said.

"We worked with leaders and members of the Lismore community who were instrumental in campaigning for this change, ensuring that those standing for election knew about the chemotherapy co-payment issue and the need to address it," she said.

"This has been made possible thanks to the work of the Lismore community and their support in advocating for this vital change. We look forward to continue working together so we can further reduce the burden of cancer in our communities".

Cancer patients currently going through treatment should speak to their oncology treatment team or go to the NSW Health website for further information.

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