Canid pest ejectors to be used in wild dog offensive

LISMORE MP Thomas George has said that the commencement of the wild dog offensive comes as a great relief to livestock producers right across electorate.

"Wild dogs are a significant issue, causing an estimated $11 million worth of damage to the state's primary industries sector every year," Mr George said.

"In order to combat the devastating impact that wild dogs have, the NSW Government has expanded the baiting program to cover 180 properties in the North Coast LLS area with ground baits this year.

"Landholders can use canid pest ejectors, a new technology designed to specifically target dogs and foxes.

"I know livestock producers will be glad to see such a serious issue been tackled so thoroughly," Mr George said.

Foxes and dogs are the only known species in Australia which will be able to set off the ejectors, delivering a dose of poison directly into the animal's mouth, preventing native wildlife from being poisoned.

The NSW Government signed off on a new pesticide control order in early August, allowing for the use of the ejector device.

The NSW Government committed to using the latest research and technology to support primary producers while protecting environmental health.

Wild dogs are classified as pests in NSW and include feral dogs, dingoes, hybrids, and any dog living in the wild.

The cost of wild dog attacks is not confined to direct losses through livestock deaths. Injured livestock require treatment and the livestock owner spends time supervising and protecting their flock.