Treasurer Jackie Trad. Picture: Liam Kidston
Treasurer Jackie Trad. Picture: Liam Kidston

QLD to remain most expensive for car rego

CAR registration and a host of other state fees and charges will increase by more than inflation for the final time on July 1, with the Queensland Government making good on its pledge to ditch the 3.5 per cent indexation rate from mid next year.

The cost of registering a four-cylinder car will jump from $364.65 to $377.40 - including the traffic improvement fee but not compulsory third party insurance.

A six-cylinder vehicle will jump from $545.80 to $564.90.

All up, motor vehicle registration is expected to make at least $1.8 billion for the State this coming financial year.

The move means Queensland will remain among the most expensive states in which to register a car.

The cost of a penalty point will also jump from $126.15 to $130.55, driving up the cost of fines, while most other government fees and charges will also rise by 3.5 per cent.

The 3.5 per cent indexation rate was introduced under the former Newman Government and was kept in place by the Palaszczuk Government for its first term.

Treasurer Jackie Trad yesterday confirmed the Government would keep its promise to keep future increases in line with CPI from July 2019 onwards.

It will mean the State's coffers could miss out on about $78 million over two years.

"As part of the Palaszczuk Government's commitment to reduce the cost of living, last year we decided to revert to a Consumer Price Index-based system from 2019-20," Ms Trad said.

"Our decision is expected to reduce the growth in fees by approximately $25 million in 2019-20 and $53 million in 2020-21."That's tens of millions of dollars back in Queenslanders' pockets every single year."

The LNP had also pledged to keep car registration increases to CPI.

The RACQ, however, wants both sides to go a step further and pledge to freeze car rego. ​

"Queensland has the highest registration costs for a 6 or 8-cylinder car and the second highest for 4-cylinders," said RACQ head of public policy, Dr Rebecca Michael.

"It's pretty clear - car rego costs are too high and need to be frozen. While car registration will increase by inflation from 2019-20 following a 3.5 per cent increase this year, we think more has to be done to give Queensland drivers a break."

Car registration for a four-cylinder car:

QLD: $377.40 from July 1, not including CTP

NSW: $358.00 currently

VIC: $290.40 currently

WA: $300.54 currently

SA: $162.00 currently

TAS: $242.30 currently

NT: $191.00 currently

ACT: $376.70 currently

Six-cylinder vehicles

QLD: $564.90 from July 1, not including CTP

NSW: $513.00

VIC: $290.40

WA: $365.58

SA: $291.00

TAS: $275.30

NT: $293.00

ACT: $535.00