Service NSW - Team member helping customer complete digital transaction
Service NSW - Team member helping customer complete digital transaction

Car rego made easy for customers

THE urgent last minute call to Service NSW Contact Service could soon be a thing of the past as CEO Rachna Gandhi reveals that customers can now access their registrations billing number online.

"Customers are now able to find out their registration billing details instantly via our website, without needing to have their registration papers handy,” Ms Gandhi said.

"Using the new online feature you can enter a registration plate number and find out the billing number that corresponds to your vehicle.

"The launch of the tool now means that not only can customers find out when their vehicles are due to expire online, using the free rego check service, they can also find out all of the necessary information needed to renew online at a time that suits them.”

Registration renewal is the most popular online transaction accounting for more than 5 million transactions each year, with around 80 percent of motorists renewing online.

Service NSW said they received more than 21 million customer visits on their digital platforms in the last year, which is a massive increase from 8 million per year recorded between 2013-2016.

Ms Gandhi attributed the growth to the digitisation of key transactions such as licence renewal.

"Our business is built on customer feedback and we are continuing to make improvements to the way services are delivered, making more services available digitally,” she said.

"Having services available natively online helps remove duplication, makes it easier and quicker to transact, plus it allows customers to transact 24-hours from work or home.”

One and a half million people have registered for a MyServiceNSW account, with 106,000 customers using their account to renew their driver licence online since the feature was introduced in April 2016.

For more information or to complete transactions visit the Service NSW website,, download the mobile app, or call 13 77 88.