Driver faces charges after smashing into home

UPDATE 7PM: SITTING in the lounge room of his Moore Park Beach home, the last thing Jarred Andrew-Smith expected was a car to come crashing through the front of his rental house.

But that's exactly what happened in Malvern Dr about 2pm Friday.

Debris from the wall, ceiling and a shattered wooden TV unit landed just centimetres from Mr Andrew-Smith, who described the scene as like an "explosion".

"I was sitting in the lounge room watching TV and the next thing I know he landed in the front section of the house. Debris missed me by about a foot," he said.

"My first concern was that I've got two dogs and he took out the gates. One of my dogs is not the friendliest so I wanted to get them secure."

The driver has been charged with a string off offences including speeding, driving under the influence, driving without due care and attention and unlicensed driving.

Mr Andrew-Smith said his neighbours heard the car just moments before it firstly smashed into a car next door then crashed through his front gate and into the house.

"Half the neighbourhood heard him doing burnouts and driving like an idiot around the estate," he said.

"The worst part was there are so many kids around this area and idiots like that drive around here all the time.

"It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

"We've always been petrified that someone was going to end up coming through the front door - and they did today - Friday the 13th of all days."

Mr Andrew-Smith said luckily his wife was not home as she often sat at a table directly in the path of the out-of-control car.

"If she had of been home she might not be with me," he said.

With the house now unliveable Mr Andrew-Smith said thankfully Michaels Real Estate had been good enough to find the couple a house around the corner already.

Bundaberg Sergeant Tim Lowth said it was unbelievably lucky no one was injured.

"We had witnesses who were in yards or driving in the same spot and they've all been missed by good fortune," he said.

Sgt Lowth said disappointingly emergency services were delayed in arriving at Moore Park Beach as motorists refused to move aside as they made their way to the crash scene.

UPDATE: A driver has been charged with a string of offences after crashing into a Moore Park home. 

It is believed the driver hit a parked car at one house before crashing through the fence and into the living area of the house next door. 

Debris came within a foot of the tenant, who was home watching television. 

The driver has been charged with driving under the influence, driving without due care and attention, driving without a licence and speeding. 

The house has been left untenable and the tenant's real estate agent has offered him another home to live in for the time being. 

He had been living in the home about three years. 

Police expressed their frustration at drivers not moving aside as they rushed to the scene. 

EARLIER: A house has been left in tatters after a car smashed into it at Moore Park. 

A section of the home has been wrecked by a car, leaving the home to be propped up with a metal pole. 

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