HIGH FLYER: Formner Casino man Anthony Viel has won the position as the Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Canada.
HIGH FLYER: Formner Casino man Anthony Viel has won the position as the Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Canada. contributed

Casino boy making an impact on global stage

FORMER Casino man Anthony Viel, aka AV, has become the chief executive officer of global firm Deloitte Canada.

Growing up in Casino, Mr Viel joined Deloitte in Australia nearly 20 years ago and has made a significant impact on the firm ever since.

Most recently, after moving with his family to Canada four years ago, Mr Viel served as the managing partner for the firm's Financial Advisory practice; as well as, the leader of Deloitte's analytics offering.

He also headed up Deloitte's Greenhouse program located across seven cutting-edge spaces that blend behavioural science, design thinking, and strategy to solve client business challenges.

In a statement, Deloitte Canada said they were pleased the executive would officially step into the role leading the largest professional services firm in the country on June 2 and serve a four year term.

"We believe AV is the right choice to lead the next chapter of the firm's remarkable and 161-year long story as one of Canada's largest businesses,” Chairman of Deloitte Canada Duncan Sinclair said.

"He is an impactful, passionate and innovative leader who disrupts the status quo in pursuit of bold and focused growth. AV is committed to elevating our people and our clients.”

"Deloitte has undergone a significant transformation under the visionary leadership of Frank Vettese.

"He dared us to see ourselves differently and today we are worlds away from the firm Frank took over.

"I am proud to lead our firm over the next horizon. Equally, as a business leader, I am proud to wave the Canadian flag and make sure that the rest of world understands what this great country has to offer.”

Reflecting on his career so far, Viel said his path had been unpredictable.

"I could not have mapped out in a thousand years the twists and turns my journey has taken. I think that's what is truly wonderful about this organisation; it's the best place to learn and grow as leaders,” he said.

"I have very fond memories growing up in Casino and working at my parent's fruit shop. From the back of that shop bagging potatoes or sorting tomatoes, I learned very quickly that effort was the source of achievement in whatever it is we chose to do.”

He credited that early lesson and the support of his family, his teachers at Casino West and Casino High, and his mentors with the career success he has found today.

"I may be a long way from Casino now, but it will always be my home,” he said.