HELPING SAVE LIVES: Richmond Dairies funded Casino West students' swimming lessons.
HELPING SAVE LIVES: Richmond Dairies funded Casino West students' swimming lessons.

Why this Casino business is paying for kids' swim lessons

THERE is no denying that Richmond Dairies is community-focused.

The Casino-based organisation regularly sponsors local community events such as Casino Beef Week, as well as helping to nurture local talent in the Bentley Art Prize, Casino High School's agriculture program and sponsoring a Southern Cross University scholarship.

The business has stepped up once again by helping to fund Casino West Public School's swimming lessons for vulnerable students.

Swimming lessons for more than 16 students were sponsored by the company, enabling the young children to improve their swimming and water safety skills which are very important skills to have in our environment.

The students learnt a range of life-saving skills, including how to float on their backs and how to kick properly.

Casino West student Hunter said "I can now float on my back and do a safety slide because I have done swimming lessons".

"I couldn't swim when I was little but now I can swim near the deep end. I can do the dog paddle and I can do sculling in my swimming," Shakyianah said.

"I feel happy that I can swim. At the shallow end I can say what the numbers are under the water."

Keira said before the swimming lessons, she was not confident to swim in the deep end.

"I can do it now my swimming instructor helped me with things I couldn't do. She taught me how to do back sculling," she said.

"My swimming instructor made it fun as well as learning. I feel kind of confident now that I can do the things I could not do."

Casino West Public School teacher Donna Wilder said the school is "very grateful" to the social committee from Richmond Dairies for funding the intensive swimming program, which will help the students learn how to swim safely, whilst also promoting "healthy, active lifestyles and improved wellbeing".