FAMILY AFFAIR: The O'Sullivan family after Danny's last game of Far North Coast major league baseball on Saturday.
FAMILY AFFAIR: The O'Sullivan family after Danny's last game of Far North Coast major league baseball on Saturday. Ashleigh Knight

Catcher calls it a day after almost 40 years in baseball

WHEN you mention the name 'Danny O' to any member of the baseball community at Albert Park, you hear nothing but praise for a legend.

Not just a great player, but a good mate, inspiring coach, and a passionate clubman, Danny O'Sullivan, who has been the soul of Norths and the Far North Coach community for many years, has decided to take off the catchers gear for the last time.

Amie Weekes, a life-long friend of Danny, has been there for his whole playing career.

"I think I was there at his first game of t-ball in 1980, but I was definitely there today at his last game of baseball,” Weekes said.

Wearing his black Norths vest with its red capital N embroidered over his heart, his Dad's red number 7 on his back. He played his first game as a three-year-old at Albert Park and then blink - thirty-nine years later, he is behind the plate for the last time.

Baseball allowed him to travel to Darwin as a 13-year-old in his first FNC representative team and then as a 41-year-old to Cairns as a Little League head coach, coaching his son.

Ask any Norths player and they will say the same thing, O'Sullivan was a leader. He played in the spirit of the game; he played hard, and always inspired those around him.

Far North Coast Commissioner and Norths player, Paul Latta, could not speak more highly of a player.

"I have had the privilege of playing the majority of my baseball alongside Dan,” Latta said.

"He has devoted plenty of time into the development of baseball, in all aspects ranging from playing, coaching, administration and facility development.

"Over the years, Dan has (taken) many awards within the club and FNC association.

"The respect he shows and his professionalism on and off the field is to be desired by all.

"I. for one, will miss his involvement at Norths. He is a great mate.”

Danny has left behind a legacy as a player that many aspire to but few will ever achieve. As an association, Far North Coast has been incredibly lucky to have had such a high quality player, but even better clubman within the ranks.

Norths and Far North Coast will continue to benefit greatly from what he will continue to add as a person and a coach to the younger generations coming through but will miss seeing Danny pull on the catchers gear each Saturday afternoon.