The man caught on Supa IGA Lowood's CCTV footage.
The man caught on Supa IGA Lowood's CCTV footage.

CAUGHT: Video shows brazen bike theft

A TEENAGER has lost his only way to get around after a brazen thief stole his bike from Supa IGA Lowood.

Cody Ashe went to ride home after finishing his shift at 2pm yesterday only to discover the bike he took to work wasn't where he left it.

The 16-year-old's bike is currently broken so it was his his step father's brand new one which he rode to work that day.

A tattooed 'shopper' was filmed by one of the store's 42 CCTV cameras yesterday at about 12.30pm walking through the store without buying anything before heading outside, looking around and simply riding away on Cody's bike towards the centre of town.

Cody's boss and Supa IGA Lowood owner Toby Whitten took to social media yesterday afternoon asking the "lowlife" who stole the bike to return it.

"To the lowlife that just stole my staff member's mountain bike from Supa IGA Lowood please return it where you stole it from," his Facebook post reads.

He also shared the CCTV footage in an effort to track down the bike.

"Cody left for the day and came back in asking if someone moved his bike - he thought it was a prank," Mr Whitten told the QT.

"We reviewed the footage and that's when we saw what happened."

The video and photos from the IGA footage have been shared more than 400 times on Facebook in the last 24 hours.

The post described the alleged thief as being of a solid build, 170-180cm tall wearing a black cap, black sleeveless shirt, black jeans.

The alleged thief walked in the store before taking the bike, parked outside.
The alleged thief walked in the store before taking the bike, parked outside.

Cody, who has worked in the grocery store for one and a half years, said the bike was only about two weeks old.

"My friend at work dropped me back home that day," he said.

"I was definitely surprised it got stolen. I've never had to lock my bike before (in Lowood) and I put it in front of the security camera thinking that would deter anyone from taking it."

The teenager said he hoped the public support would result in the bike being returned.

His mother Jasmine said she called police yesterday to report the theft and was working on supplying them with the CCTV footage.

"It's great social media though," she said.

"I'm hoping it gets shared so we can get the bike before it's sold or God knows what."

This would not be the first time posting CCTV on social media has led to stolen items being returned.

This week an Ipswich father had his daughter's Christmas gifts returned after the footage of them being stolen was shared on Facebook and online.

Those with information that may assist police should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000