Australian Post said during COVID packages were increasing but letters decreasing.
Australian Post said during COVID packages were increasing but letters decreasing.

Changes to our post has MP seeing red

THE changes to Australia Post's delivery services has been slammed by Richmond MP as hurting vulnerable seniors in the Tweed.

Under the temporary changes because of COVID-19, the region's residents will see the end of daily letter deliveries.

Plans to deliver letters every two or three days instead were locked down in the senate this week.

Ms Elliot was part of an unsuccessful Labor move to block the changes.

"Many seniors are not on the internet and they instead rely on the mail for their letters, cards and bills and now, due to Government cuts, they'll be waiting longer for important correspondence," she said.

"The fact is the mail is often a lifeline for our seniors.

"These changes will affect everyone who relies on Australia Post.

"It's up to the Morrison Government to explain why local residents will now have to wait longer to get a birthday card, a letter or a bank statement in the mail."


Richmond MP Justine Elliot
Richmond MP Justine Elliot


In a media statement earlier this month, Australia Post said parcel volumes were increasing as customers and businesses adapt to online buying and home delivery.

Meanwhile, they claim letter numbers have fallen.

Until June 30 next year, priority letters will be processed and delivered as regular letters.

An adjustment to the minimum delivery frequency of letters in metropolitan areas, including the Tweed, from every business day to every second business day.

For example, letters will be delivered to a particular address on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week, then Tuesday and Thursday the following week.

There is no change to delivery frequency in rural or remote areas.

Express Post items, parcels and PO Box mail will continue to be delivered every business day, regardless of location.

It is understood intrastate letters will now take a minimum of seven full days to arrive, up from a previous minimum of three business days.

State Member for Tweed Geoff Provest said he would not be supportive of anything that harmed postal workers or those relying on the mail.

He said he wouldn't support anything detrimental to the wider community but needed to investigate the matter further.