Newsreaders Natarsha Belling and Samantha Heathwood wearing the ‘penis-shaped’ jacket.
Newsreaders Natarsha Belling and Samantha Heathwood wearing the ‘penis-shaped’ jacket.

‘Penis jacket’ makes comeback on live TV

A few years ago, Network 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling once wore what some eagle-eyed viewers referred to as a "penis-shaped" jacket because of its unfortunate neckline.

It ended up going viral - worldwide.

The unforgettable jacket has made yet another comeback, this time donned by Channel 9 presenter Samantha Heathwood during a broadcast this week.

The placement of Heathwood's white top underneath the jacket only made the outfit of choice look ruder.

The innocently shaped jacket has a collar that is rounded at the shoulders and it is extended further down the chest and finished with a zip.

It didn't take long for the memes to start rolling in with viewers flooding social media feeds with a side-by-side image of Belling and Heathwood wearing the unfortunately shaped jacket.

Viewers joked it was a "d**k move" for the channel to make her wear it.

"Well, it's pointing in the right direction!" one said.

"Woah that's even worse than before … this time spillage," another Twitter user added.

But not everyone had bad things to say about the penis jacket, with someone writing: "Who the hell notices this sh*t"

One user came to the Heathwood's defence saying, "You people are so catty; so what, it looks good on her!"

Perhaps the wardrobe team hoped people would forget the second time round as Triple M pointed out.

"Someone in the wardrobe department probably (thought): 'It's been a couple years, no-one will notice.'"

All-in-all, it wasn't a hard act to follow.