Sugar gliders have been added to The Macadamia Castle's Nocturnal show.
Sugar gliders have been added to The Macadamia Castle's Nocturnal show.

Cutest little critters you will ever see

A NEW show at the Macadamia Castle is set to capture hearts when one of Australia's cutest critters, sugar gliders, show off their natural behaviour while bringing animportant conservation message to a new audience.

Sebastian and Samson, four year old sugar glider brothers will be joining the daily performance at the Night Creatures Nocturnal Theatre show, showing off their natural behaviours.

The Macadamia Castle owner Tony Gilding said training the tiny, shy creatures to properly land and aim was a long process.

"We're teaching them to come out of their nesting box and glide over to a keeper and demonstrate their natural gliding behaviour," he said.

The important pollinators and seed disperses weigh around 140 grams and have a skin membrane that stretches between their legs allowing it to glide up to 50 metres from tree to tree.

The performance brings an important message - that it is extremely important for cat owners to keep their pets securely indoors at night time.

"Even a happy, well-fed cat can kill around 50 animals each night if they are allowed to roam, this is from a moth through to a sugar glider. Unfortunately small animals like gliders, baby possums and bandicoots are most likely to become the prey of domestic and feral cats," Senior Keeper and Educator Erin Werner said.

Plating native trees for food and leaving the animals be is also important for conservation. The gliders are joined by a snake, tawny frogmouth, a rufous bettong and a short-eared possum.

Photo opportunities available.

At 2pm daily during school holidays. Limited places.