Even in Northern Rivers hospitals, chicken parmigiana is an important menu item.
Even in Northern Rivers hospitals, chicken parmigiana is an important menu item. Contributed

Chicken parmy now on the menu at all hospitals

WHO doesn't love a good chicken parmigiana?

Well now this pub classic is on the menu at one North Coast hospital.

As part of the rollout of My Food Choice, patients at the Tweed Hospital will be able to have a parmy, because it's one of the 15 delicious hot meal options now available at every lunch and dinner.

The menu also includes traditional roasts, butter chicken and spinach risotto slice.

Patients will make their choice by consulting a colour pictorial menu and giving their meal orders to staff with Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.

Executive director of Clinical Support Services for HealthShare NSW, Carmen Rechbauer, said food services staff will spend more time on the wards, offering personalised service at the bedside and answering questions about the dishes or ingredients.

HealthShare NSW has worked closely with Northern NSW Local Health District and local clinicians to ensure My Food Choice meets the needs of the community.

"We want meal time to be a highlight of each patient's stay, with warm interaction with staff and tasty meals that promote good nutrition outcomes," Ms Rechbauer said.

"We also offer lighter choices, like a freshly prepared salad or sandwich.

"By ordering just before meal time, patients can choose a dish that matches their immediate feelings of hunger and wellness. The new system is designed with the patient at its heart."

Food Services staff also use their mobile devices to collect data on the amount of food each patient consumes, which is provided to dietitians on a secure, interactive dashboard to help them manage their patients' care.

Now that The Tweed Hospital is on board, My Food Choice is available in all Northern NSW Local Health District hospitals.