One of the children phoned Triple-0.
One of the children phoned Triple-0. Max Pixel

Child calls triple-0 for help, parents 'bluing again'

A LABOURER from Mackay was charged with his fifth breach of a domestic violence order after one of his children managed to phone 000 during a volatile screaming match.

The actions of the youngster resulted in the 32-year-old pleading guilty to an aggravated contravention of the order protecting his partner.

He was brought into Mackay Magistrates Court from Mackay Watch-house on Monday after the breach on Sunday.

Magistrate Damien Dwyer said the man had been "getting on the grog and started bluing again", chiding him for his behaviour.

The man, who can't be legally name, and his partner took their son, aged five, out to a sporting event before grabbing alcohol for he and his wife, the court heard.

"They got into an argument over the children misbehaving," defence solicitor Danny Yarrow, of Legal Aid, explained.

"His child heard the argument and called police. The complaint was made by one of the children (aged 10 months, three and five)."

Mr Yarrow noted the man had not been physically violent and had been staying at the residence.

The man was described as having a "flippant attitude" to orders by Mr Dwyer but he did dodge jail-time.

Mr Dwyer sentenced the man to two months' jail, suspended for two years.