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Chris Hemsworth won't go nude on screen

CHRIS Hemsworth doesn't want to bare all on screen.

The 'Rush' actor has admitted he was anxious enough about showing off his butt in the James Hunt biopic, and he doesn't want to strip off fully for the camera in the future.

He told MTV News: "I had enough trouble and fear and anxiety getting the backside out let alone - no it won't be out there."

Although Chris wasn't entirely comfortable with flashing his bottom in the movie, he knew it was something he had to do for his role as the Formula 1 star.

He insisted: "It wasn't my idea. It was on the page. It's an indication of who this guy was.

"He liked to get nude and sleep around. I was just playing the part, you know."

Meanwhile, his co-star Olivia Wilde - who plays James' supermodel wife Suzy Miller - admitted the leading man didn't get the same kind of sensitivity given to women when they are in a nude scene.

She said: "With women taking off their clothes, everyone's polite. It's a closed set. Everyone's like, 'Are you okay?' When he did it was like, 'Chris, off!' "