OPINION: Armitage goes about the game in an endearing way

CHRIS is right, David Armitage is a dead set gun.

More than just a handy footballer, Armitage goes about the game in an endearing way.

He does what we fans love. Armitage tackles, bumps, hits and does the one-precentors that make the difference.

The 27-year-old made a conscious decision to focus on becoming a better athlete, his father Greg said, and it has paid dividends. To add to his likeability, the midfielder signed on with his club this week, St Kilda.

It was a nod to loyalty that is becoming rarer in our modern footballers.

Armitage had fielded big offers from both the Brisbane Lions and Richmond Tigers - the latter is a premiership chance this year.

He will lead the rebuilding Saints for the next three years and although he is from a league town, he'll be worth keeping an eye on.

Even the hardened league folk who can't get the southern game will appreciate his tenacity and work ethic.

Have a look out for Saints number 20 the next time they're on TV if you haven't already.