Are movie prices too steep for Aussie families?
Are movie prices too steep for Aussie families?

Cinema bosses blame wages for high movie ticket prices

CINEMA executives have defended the high cost of movie tickets in Australia, blaming part of the costs on high wages for Aussie workers.

One of the country's largest cinema operators insisted going to the cinema is still a cheap night out, despite costs of up to $20 a ticket in some cinemas.

Village Roadshow co-executive chairman Graham Burke told Fairfax that ticket prices relative to other countries reflected the high cost of Australian wages.

''It's more like $17 and $18 [a ticket] and there's loads of discount available,'' Mr Burke said.

''In Australia we pay approximately $23 an hour for our people; in America, where we operate cinemas, it's $8 an hour.

''And prices are simply a function of wages. And I actually think that's a good thing because it means that the wealth is being shared and Australian people are doing well.''

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