The young father was told the drug abuse comedown outweighed any 'momentary' high.
The young father was told the drug abuse comedown outweighed any 'momentary' high. MonkeyBusiness

City move a disaster for young dad

SHIFTING south was a bad move for a Hervey Bay man who got sucked into Brisbane's drug subculture.

Kristian Jim Petrie was sentenced on Wednesday for drug supply and possession.

Prosecutor Victoria Adams said Petrie was charged after police found him with the drug ice and $3450 cash in January last year.

The 27-year-old father pleaded guilty at Brisbane Supreme Court to drug supply and possession.

Most supply charges stemmed from 11 offers Petrie made to sell drugs.

The court heard those offers were discovered when his phone was analysed.

The Crown said Petrie had the drugs for a commercial purpose.

The court heard the ice was not organised in quantities usually associated with drug sales.

Petrie had no scales either but the cash was problematic for him, and a judge accepted allegations of commerciality.

Defence counsel Kevin Kelso said Petrie left home at 14 and was then effectively homeless for a while.

Later, Petrie moved to Brisbane, away from friends and family - and deeper into trouble.

His parents were supporting his rehab efforts, Mr Kelso said.

Justice Sue Brown told Petrie any "momentary relief” drugs might offer were illusory.

"Nobody has an ideal life,” she said.

"Whatever difficulties you might have had...aren't going to be answered or cured by going to drugs.”

She said Petrie made several prior attempts at rehab and it would be tough to stay clean.

But she urged him to think of his own child if he was tempted to ever do drugs again.

Petrie was jailed for two years but given immediate parole release.

"Please do not ever darken the steps of this court again,” Justice Brown told him.

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