COMMENT: Clearing the air on the NSW election coverage

WE have had some comments online over the past few days saying we were "for" one side or the other in our election coverage.

This seems mostly to have flowed from an error in a caption on our front page the Monday after the election, which referred to the Greens 'winning'.

That error, while itself regrettable, was not repeated in any reports or headlines in the paper or online.

Still, it's worth making a few things clear, both about out coverage of this election and our coverage of elections in general.

Throughout the count for this election, we endeavoured to report the latest information as fast as possible, including the forecast outcomes from experts, such as the ABC's Antony Green.

We reported these things as they happened, qualified them as much as was necessary and updated them when they changed, which they did frequently.

The Northern Star does not advocate any party over another. We have no stake in who is elected in any Northern Rivers electorate at any level of government.

On the contrary, we strongly believe the more people get involved in politics, the stronger and more representative our political system will be.

We tip our collective hat to anyone who has the courage, stamina, and strength of character to put themselves forward for election, regardless of their party or lack thereof.

In other words, we don't care what party our MPs come from. So long as they work absurdly hard for their electorates and fairly and reasonably represent their constituents, we'll get along fine.

That said, as I said in yesterday's editorial, Lismore's becoming a marginal seat with an MP in government offers Lismore immense opportunities over the coming term.