DIRTY: Clermont drinking water.
DIRTY: Clermont drinking water. From Facebook

Clermont water deemed 'undrinkable'

CLERMONT residents have been left with stained clothes and dirty bathtubs from the discoloured water running through town.

Mother of six Elizabeth Guymer said they had constant "dirty water" since roughly November 16.

"We can't bath our kids because there is filthy, dirty water coming out of our taps," she said.

"And for people that don't have filters or rain water tanks, I would hate to think of what they actually have to drink. It's just unacceptable, to be honest."

With dirty clothes piling up, Ms Guymer had to bite the bullet and run a load of washing but was unhappy with the outcome.

"I can't stand it, I've got piles and piles of washing everywhere. It wasn't flash.

"I'm washing white towels and they're not coming out white, they're coming out beige. It stains everything."

Others took to Facebook with photos of stained blankets and bathtubs of discoloured water.

Isaac Regional Council released a community update on Wednesday which announced consistent clean water from the Clermont Water Treatment Plant was renewing the town reservoir and water supply.

"We are undertaking a town-wide water mains flushing program to clear the network of discolouration and sediment," the update read.

"This has been occurring daily since Sunday (November 18) and will continue to occur.

The water supply is being comprehensively treated and council continues to work to address issues caused by high sediment levels in the raw water supply. We expect the discolouration to progressively disappear from the water supply over coming days however residue in the reservoir may cause sporadic instances of discolouration."

Those who continue to experience water issues should contact the council on 130472227.