Clive counting his cash out...
Clive counting his cash out...

Clive's re-election odds better if he runs as Terry Smith

Clive Palmer stands a better chance of winning Fairfax at the next election if he runs under his alias Terry Smith, according to

With Palmer's political fortunes sinking faster than a replica Titanic, the online bookie has priced up Palmer's chances of winning Fairfax - on the Sunshine Coast - under his alias.

Terry Smith is a better chance of winning the seat, with Sportsbet offering odds of $5.00 if Palmer runs as Smith and $6.00 if Palmer runs as Palmer.

Sportsbet has released the figures ahead of tonight's episode of Four Corners which producers say will document Mr Palmer's rise and fall. 


4 Corners: Clive Palmer does a Rupert Murdoch impression

Comedy gold from Clive Palmer doing an impression of Rupert Murdoch, saying he makes up the polls about Palmer United's popularity in Australia. Four Corners presents the rise and fall of Clive Palmer on Monday night.

Posted by Four Corners on Saturday, April 9, 2016


The poll Mr Palmer referred to during the interview above was run on the Daily's website. 


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Clive running in Fairfax as Terry Smith is still an $101 outside chance, with $101 also on offer if Smith rises to become PUP leader by 2017. 

Terry Smith becoming Prime Minister before 2020 is a $1,001 chance.                                                        

"Comparing Clive Palmer's chances in Fairfax versus that of his alias Terry Smith started as a bit of joke, but once we crunched the numbers we quickly realised that if Clive is any chance of retaining Fairfax he better get Terry Smith's name on the how-to-vote card,'' said's Ben Bulmer.

Here are the betting markets in the seat of Fairfax

Clive Palmer/Terry Smith

Terry Smith Specials

$101       To run for Fairfax at the next election

$101       To become leader of the PUP by 2017

$1,001   To become Prime Minister before 2020


Fairfax (if Terry Smith runs alongside Clive Palmer)

$1.10     Liberal- Ted O'Brien

$7.50     Terry Smith

$11        Clive Palmer  (out from $6.00)

$16        Labor

$26        Green

$26        Any Other


Fairfax (if Clive palmer runs as Terry Smith)

$1.15     Liberal- Ted O'Brien

$5.00     PUP - Terry Smith

$16        Labor

$26        Green

$26        Any Other