Club Lennox submits plans to host live music every Sunday afternoon.
Club Lennox submits plans to host live music every Sunday afternoon.

Club seeks permit to hold weekly outdoor gigs

SUNDAY outdoor sessions at Club Lennox have been a hit through summer, bringing in dozens to the club fortnightly.

The club is now seeking a permit that would allow them to host live music outdoors every Sunday during daylight savings from 4pm to 7pm.

Club Lennox hopes to host solo or duo acoustic acts, and cater for 150 patrons and staff members each Sunday.

The development application has been on public exhibition for nearly a month, and Ballina Shire Council has received 30 submissions from residents and visitors to Lennox Head.

About 90 per cent of submissions are in favour of Club Lennox's proposal.

Supporters of the DA say the permit would be of benefit to the community and help to keep the family-friendly venue afloat, after it shut down for several years.

"Lennox Head needs this type of venue where both adults and children can be entertained in a safe, relaxed environment," Ed and Chris Yates said via their submission.

"This also helps support Lennox Head as a tourist destination and surprisingly it's our locals that have loved the outdoor arrangements and Sunday afternoons so much that we have a lot of Ballina residents coming out to Lennox to visit regularly," Kym Lawler said.

Objectors expressed concerns about the impact of noise on local residents.

"If the community and club members are so passionate about visiting the club on Sundays, then I am sure they will still support the club and attend their Sunday events, whether the music is held inside the venue or outside it," objector Jessica O'Rourke said in her submission to the council.

Supporters George and Penny Leslie argued the club, established in the late 1950s, has probably been around longer than most residents.

"Anyone who purchases a property close to an operation such as Club Lennox or the hotel or Williams Reserve, who then complains about normal noise possibly should have considered those issues before purchasing," they said in their submission to the council.

"In most cases the clubs have been there a lot longer than complaining residents."

Submissions will close on March 12.