Clunes may get speed alert sign

A REPORT from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS, formerly the RTA) delivered to the Lismore City Council recommends a series of measures to manage traffic across Clunes.

According to Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell, one of those recommendations is the installation of two signs on Bangalow Road at each end Clunes: one advising drivers they are about to enter a village zone and then a second sign advising of the 50km/h zone starting.

Another measure recommended was the creation of a pedestrian crossing in the village, and the third is an electronic sign that will indicate motorists what their speed is.

Asked regarding the possible removal of the speed camera in Clunes, Mayor Dowell admitted there was nothing in that report recommending the removal of the camera, or saying it should be fully activated.

It was the RMS that would make that decision, she said.