Coal mine to double in size

LAKE Vermont coal mine near Dysart will double in size over the next six years, with contract mine firm Thiess given the $2.3 billion contract.

An announcement by its parent company Leighton Holdings on the ASX on Monday morning outlined how Thiess would push production from four million tonnes to eight million tonnes per year.

Thiess was already responsible for the Lake Vermont's operation since 2007.

Lake Vermont owners Jellinbah Group said in the statement they expected Thiess to deliver "cost competitive" coal from the mine.

Thiess Australian Mining executive general manager Michael Wright said the leadership of Lake Vermont's team of 350 won the company this contract.

"The contract is reward for their performance, their daily commitment to the safety of our people and to meeting our client's objectives," Mr Wright said.

"We are mobilising ultra-class mining fleets to meet the increased production requirements and we are truly excited by the opportunities this brings to the people of the Dysart area."