Chris Sun’s film Daddy’s Little Girl is attracting great interest.
Chris Sun’s film Daddy’s Little Girl is attracting great interest. Brett Wortman

Global projection for Daddy's Little Girl

COAST filmmaker Chris Sun has big plans for his "baby".

The director and writer of thriller movie Daddy's Little Girl plans to take the locally shot film to the US, Canada and UK later this year.

But he has also given local audiences the chance to see it before it makes a name for itself overseas.

The film chronicles a single father's response to the sexual abuse and murder of his six-year-old daughter. It explores a father's love for his daughter, grief, vengeance, the need for revenge versus justice and the consequences of those decisions.

"It's based on actual events from the Sunshine Coast. The only difference is we threw a bit of Hollywood in it," Mr Sun said.

Since Daddy's Little Girl premiered in Nambour last year, it has won several awards including the Las Vegas' Pollygrind Film Festival grand jury prize, best screenplay, best director, best overall individual performance by actor Michael Thomson and best screenplay.

Mr Sun said he took the film to the American Film Market and signed a deal to get a cinema release across Canada and North America.

"I was there in shorts and a T-shirt," he said.

"They nicknamed me 'the wildlife of the market'. I was the crazy one there. It has created a whole wave in America for me.

"I met some of the most old school people who want to be involved in the next film."

Mr Sun's next film, Charlie's Farm, is already grabbing the attention of some of the biggest distributors in the world and he has at least one big-name actor signed up.

But it's too early to name names, although he hints there is a connection with the Fast and Furious franchise.

"We're also bringing out some very old school actors. They're from the movies The Terminator and From Dust Till Dawn," he said.