Shark meshing nets
Shark meshing nets DPI

Coastal community in uproar over shark net

THE ILUKA community raised concern on Facebook over the removal of the shark net during school holidays.

However, a spokesperson for Clarence Valley Council said the removal of the net in Iluka Bay during school holidays was due to a very low tide yesterday.

"It's taken out for three months each year around this time of year," they said.

"They usually aim for May 1, but there was a very low tide which made it easier to get out.

"It comes out for three months for cleaning, they put the mooring back in place because they move and they will conduct repairs."

The spokesperson said the removal is also to stop schools of fish like Mullet who run at this time of year getting stuck in the net.

"They kill a lot of non-target fish and it stops them getting smelly," they said.

The net will be put back in place on September 1.