David Phillips at The Bean Van at the Pacific Highway rest stop at Yelgun.
David Phillips at The Bean Van at the Pacific Highway rest stop at Yelgun. Liana Turner

Coffee vans left in the lurch amid RMS review

COFFEE cart operators across the state have their futures hanging in the balance amid a review from the RMS.

Food and drink sellers who operate from highway rest stops may not be able to renew their licenses after mid way through next year.

Yelgun-based David Phillips, who owns and runs The Bean Van, previously told The Northern Star he was frustrated by the lack of information from Roads and Maritime Services.

An RMS spokesman confirmed the department was "developing a Rest Stop Framework for the provision and upgrade of rest stop areas".

"The framework will review existing policies relating to the operation of rest areas, including for mobile vending, to ensure Roads and Maritime rest facilities continue to meet their intended purpose and provide a positive customer experience," the spokesman said.

He said there were currently 21 active RMS-issued vending permits across NSW.

"No new vendor permit applications are being processed while the review is in progress but existing permits may be renewed for up to 12 months on expiry," he said.

"Roads and Maritime recognises the need for small business operators to be able to plan future investment in their business and will continue to keep vendors updated on the review progress."

But Mr Phillips said when he asked for more information about the review, he was told to make a formal application, and was quoted $600 for the information.

"I feel as through they're being quite difficult about the whole thing," he said.