COFFS Harbour is a trucking hell. It mars truck drivers' days when travelling north or south on the Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane.

Drivers have just accepted the bottleneck of our regional city as part of the job these days.

But it should be easier, and it could be easier if the city centre was bypassed.

Advocate reporter Keagan Elder took a ride in a B-double to find out what heavy goods vehicle drivers had to contend with in Coffs.

Truck drivers reported traffic had improved south of Coffs Harbour, and the completion of the Macksville bypass will only further improve flow.

But when travelling north through Coffs, this rapidly changed as traffic slowed at the Stadium Dr/Englands Rd roundabout.

Once past the roundabout, it is then an uphill battle, slowed further by a dozen sets of traffic lights.

Road narrowings are another nightmare.

Truck drivers have had to evade drivers' opening doors, forcing the truck into the other lane to avoid a crash. At times, this is a catch-22.

This all raises the question, when will we be getting the Coffs Harbour bypass?