Polly the pig is just about ready for visitors.
Polly the pig is just about ready for visitors. Cathy Adams

Come visit me: Polly the pig recovers from brutal attack

POLLY the pig is on the mend after a brutal act of animal cruelty at the Djanbung Gardens left her traumatised with multiple injuries.

The GoFundMe page, which is raising money for her treatments, has collected almost $2000 since the assault last month.

In the latest update, the page administrator Georgia Matherson said the embattled pig is returning to good health.

"Grateful grunts, joyful snuffles and happy tail wags from Polly for all your love, support and generous donations. It was a week yesterday she had her last vet treatment," the page reads.

"We hope there'll be no more relapses. A new year begins, may the love you give come back to you in abundance."

Polly will be receiving visitors again from tomorrow during garden open hours from 10am-4pm.