STAND UP: Mark Swivel at Stories in the Club.
STAND UP: Mark Swivel at Stories in the Club. Contributed

Comedian puts his hand up to be a politician

HE'S a comedian, lawyer and now Byron Shire resident Mark Swivel is throwing his hand up to become a politician.

Fed up with the disconnect between Canberra and the voters, Mr Swivel is rallying the troops and calling for a change in politics by starting his own political platform called The Together Party.

With more than 700 registered party members, The Together Party manifesto instils a call to action to end the disconnect between the dinner table and politicians.

"One of the key things we're trying to do is position the party as out of the box," Mr Swivel said.

"The box is Canberra which has very ridged ideas of what politics is.

"We're not positioning ourselves as left or right, we're focussed on the future and rebuilding our Commonwealth."

While touring his national comedy show The Alternative Prime Minster last year, Mr Swivel had the sudden realisation that enough was enough.

"There's always been a serious underbelly to my brand of humour and I got half way through the shows last year and realised in a grim way you can't be funnier than federal politics," he said.

"The government has no real active role other than setting a very broad regulatory environment.

"We want to improve the input of regular voices in the national conversation. There's a lot of people who look at what happens during the debate and they shake their heads."

With the party's policies on housing, banking, energy, education and other governmental business finalised, Mr Swivel is inviting the community to join a two-day party conference at Mullum Ex-Services Club, Mullumbimby on February 15 and 16.

The conference promises a diverse line-up of speakers, including former Chair of Get Up Anne Coombs and Head of LaTrobe Law School Professor Patrick Keyzer.

"The idea is to have informed intelligent, interactive inspiring content across broad topics," Mr Swivel said.

"The general policies are set but what we're tyring to do is get experts into to develop the policies further.

"There's a lot of serious content and the plan is to get out their with message and hopefully inspire people to take similar action.

"We're also looking to run other candidates."

  • The Together Party Conference is Friday February 15 and Saturday, February 16 in the Mullum Ex-Services Club Auditorium, Dalley St, Mullumbimby.
  • Registration opens at 9am on both days
  • For more information, visit