Betoota Advocate loves a good article on Byron Bay. Photo: Nic Walker
Betoota Advocate loves a good article on Byron Bay. Photo: Nic Walker

Comedians really love picking on Byron Bay

Byron Bay holds a special place for many Australians, but it seems that just as many people want to take the mickey out of it.

From over-exaggerated hippies to satirical articles, Byron Bay has provided a treasure trove of comedic material.

Here's our picks for some of the most memorable.


Betoota Advocate

Australia's oldest paper in the middle of absolutely nowhere Queensland, Betoota have enjoyed mining the comedic well at Byron's expense in recent years.

In fact, it happened so often The Northern Star had to ask them why Byron proved such a popular muse for the Queenslanders.

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Inspired Unemployed - Welcome to Byron

Two Aussie battlers who traded in their construction day jobs for internet celebrity, the Uninspired Unemployed have taken a unique view of Byron. All the elements of Byron you know and love: the influencers, the party animals and the Boomers with cash to burn.




Tom Gleeson

We all know Getaway, the famous Australian TV show which presented jaw-dropping Australian holiday spots you had to visit. Well, Tom Gleeson had Go Away.

It's simple in premise: three things about Byron that would make you never ever want to go there. Given the traffic congestion and skyrocketing house prices, it might have even done locals a favour.




Lawrence Mooney

Popular Australian comedian Lawrence Mooney loves getting into character, especially, Theresa Green, a Byron Bay hippie MP.

Exaggerated, for sure, but Sydney people don't seem to get Byron Bay anyway.