Commission on child sex abuse calls for prevention ideas

THE royal commission into child sexual abuse has called on the public for ideas to help safeguard children living in out-of-home care around the country.

An issues paper released by the commission has asked key questions of people involved in the temporary care of children, including how best to prevent sexual abuse.

It also asks for the best strategies and models for caring for children in institutions, audit processes of staff and training for carers.

Commission chief executive Janette Dines said such arrangements included foster care, relative or kinship care, family group homes, residential care and independent living.

She said the commission wanted to determine whether current practices and regulations were ensuring the protection of such children.

"The royal commission is interested in strategies that will keep children in care safe from sexual abuse and in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current models of oversight of out-of-home care practices," she said.

Public submissions are open to individuals and organisations, and responses to the issues paper must be received by November 8 this year.

The issues paper seeking public response is available on the Commission's website.