Car in water on Aviation Dr

Storms strike: Cars submerged in floodwaters on Coffs roads

A Holden commodore sedan with the windscreen wipers still going is submerged in water on Aviation Drive, Coffs Harbour.

There are no occupants in the vehicle. A passerby said the police assisted the driver to safety. Police tape surrounds the site.

Aviation Drive runs parallel to Hogbin Drive and should be avoided until waters recede.

A spokesperson for NSW Police said motorists should avoid rising waters at all costs.

"The clear message is flood waters are deadly and it can't be put in any other words," the spokesperson said.

"As severe weather hits us ensure you speak to your family and friends about the danger of entering flood affected areas and driving through flood waters.

"It's just not worth the risk. Please heed our advice. Your life could depend on it."

A gold Commodore sedan has been trapped in rising waters on Aviation Dr in Coffs Harbour.