Communications and relationships to go under ASIC microscope

COMMUNICATION between listed companies and investment analysts and traders will be under the spotlight this reporting season.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission will focus on the communications and relationships in coming weeks.

A statement from ASIC Commissioner Cathie Armour said the priority would be on the "fair and efficient" operation of financial markets.

"All investors - large and small - should have access to equal information from listed entities when making their investment decisions, she said.

The statement comes as a warning to ensure larger, listed companies are abiding by disclosure rules, and particularly market sensitive information for the stock exchange.

Regulators including the ASIC and ASX will be looking for the "risks of selective disclosure", as well as reminding analysts, company officers and gatekeepers of their obligations.

"In addition, ASIC will look to conduct spot checks with selected companies so we can hear how companies brief analysts and understand their procedures," the statement reads.

We anticipate that companies and securities houses will be pleased to assist us in this exercise to promote market integrity."