Community fight to get Waterlily Park redesigned

WITH no playground and 3,000 kids to keep occupied, the Ocean Shores community has targeted an online campaign to help get Waterlily Park redesigned and redeveloped.

The My Park Rules online competition is collaboration between 202020 vision and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects which gives communities the chance to improve their community green space.

Communities can nominate their area of green space and suggest a design to improve it.

"A new park starts with a great design," the competition details say on the website.

"Pitch your park and you could win a free design from a registered landscape architect.

"The best of the best gets their park built."

The nomination by the Ocean Shores community, which currently has 95 votes, indicates the park could be transformed into a creative, interactive, natural, quality green space.

"Waterlily Park is a beautiful green space bordered by a glistening lake in the heart of town," the entry reads.

"Unfortunately it is lacking any connection with our community.

"Our town has 3000 kids and no playground.

"This is unheard of.

"Our children desperately need a place to play

"It is a blank canvas that could be something truly magical."

The entry proposes to redesign and develop a 30 by 30 metre area of green space.

"It would create a much needed community hub and facilitate community cohesion," the entry said.

"Our community needs a heart for every age and demographic."

The 202020 Vision is a mass collaboration of organisations working together to create 20% more and better green space by 2020.

To vote for Waterlily park visit