Community rallies to help Allie

MARK Robinson and his family have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Northern Rivers residents.

Mr Robinson's two-year-old daughter, Allie, has leukemia and the Robinson family has organised a leukemia fundraiser to be held at the weekend.

Last Friday The Northern Star pub- lished a story about the Robinson fam- ily's plight and fundraising plans and the local community responded.

"We had people ringing up and offering to help out. One guy rang us up saying he wants to bring his ice cream truck down and sell ice cream and donate all the profits," Mr Robinson said.

"We had Bunnings donate a slide, slippery dip and swing set for a raffle on the day."

Mr Robinson has continued working at Southside Truck Centre in Lismore while his daughter and wife Chloe have stayed in Brisbane and pursued treatments.

"I only get to see them on the weekend. It's been a big challenge to still try and work as well as thinking about my family up there and how (Allie's) feeling today and how she's going with her treatment," Mr Robinson said.

The rapid change in Allie's health has been difficult for Mr Robinson to deal with.

"Seeing our two-and-a-half-year-old running around before this happened, nothing could stop her. But now, seeing her lying around and throwing up has been one of the hardest things," he said.

The family's cost of living has also increased since the diagnosis.

"With Allie's treatment, she goes on steroids to keep weight on. We have to do a weekly shop two or three times a week because she just doesn't stop eating," Mr Robinson said.

However, the Leukaemia Foundation provided Mr and Mrs Robinson with free accommodation near Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital.

"We'd be completely stuffed if we didn't have that unit stationed up there," Mr Robinson said.

"It would be costing the Leukaemia Foundation to have us up there, so that made us want to have this day and give something back."

Mr Robinson has organised a large-scale fundraiser to be held at the truck centre on Saturday. If you'd like to get involved, contact Mr Robinson at Southside Truck Centre on 6627 6080.

So far, $5000 has been raised and he expected 40 people to get their heads shaved on the day. Mr Robinson hoped to raise $10,000.