Christopher John McCoy has been sentenced to 10 years' jail.
Christopher John McCoy has been sentenced to 10 years' jail.

'Complete absence of remorse' after sex abuse atrocities

A RAPIST who contacted a victim from jail corrupted boys for his own "perverted purposes".

Christopher John McCoy, 26, abused boys at Caloundra when they were less than 10 years old.

Judge Anthony Rafter on Monday lambasted McCoy for his lack of contrition, jailing him for multiple child sex offences.

In 2014, McCoy was jailed for nine months after pleading guilty to rape and indecently treating a boy.

That sentence brought outrage from former Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie and the victim's family.

McCoy, from Kingsthorpe near Toowoomba, caused further disgust after writing a child victim a "love letter" from jail.

But more abuse emerged in 2015 when another child complained about McCoy.

Earlier this year, McCoy was found guilty on charges including rape.

Although denying some charges, McCoy did plead guilty to child exploitation material offences.

Judge Anthony Rafter said McCoy used social media to talk to pubescent or prepubescent boys, or at least to people who portrayed themselves to be of that age.

This week, McCoy was also sentenced for charges including maintaining an illegal sexual relationship.

On Monday, Judge Rafter said a history of alcohol and drug abuse likely exacerbated McCoy's risk of reoffending.

So did McCoy's antisocial personality disorder, the judge told Brisbane District Court.

The court heard a medical expert reported that when McCoy was confronted with his offending behaviour he became "acutely distressed".

That did not equate to McCoy taking responsibility, Judge Rafter said.

"There is a complete absence of remorse."

A doctor at Arthur Gorrie prison said McCoy maintained his denials and the judge said McCoy blamed a victim's mother.

The judge said McCoy sexualised a boy for "perverted purposes".

McCoy was jailed for 10 years and must serve at least 80 per cent before parole eligibility.

His 831 days in custody was declared time served.

Last week, defence counsel Dominic Nguyen said McCoy previously attended counselling and could attend sex offender programs after sentencing.

Judge Rafter said McCoy would need to engage with prison mental health, substance abuse programs and group sex offender treatment if he was to rehabilitate. -NewsRegional